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  • 17Dec
    What does a Bank Resolution mean? Procedure Objectives and Possible Results
    As a result of the crisis phenomena occurring in the economic system, many banks are victims of bankruptcy. Such a procedure as the bank resolution helps them cope with this problem..

  • 9Nov
    The concept of a joint economy, which has started since ancient times, has started a new life in the modern world. There are several other terms that determine the essence of this economic model: economy of joint consumption, equity, and participation economy..

  • 10Oct
    Positive Economy Principles
    A positive economy is a social science based on factual analysis, causes and consequences that avoids judgments, opinions or moral and ethical statements. Unlike the normative economy, which subjectively emphasizes what should be, a positive economy claims that there is, that was or that will probably be..

  • 13Sep
    How not to let yourself be deceived in supermarkets?
    The number of supermarkets in cities is increasing every year. Here you can buy not only foodstuff, but also all things you need for home.These are household chemical goods, tableware and even clothing..

  • 3Aug
    Tracking numbers will be assigned to all parcels from AliExpress that are sent to Russia
    One of the world’s largest trading platforms AliExpress and “Pochta Rossii” (Russian Post) made a joint decision to assign barcodes to all parcels.Henceforward all goods ordered through this site will have a mandatory marking..

  • 11July
    How strong dollar affects international investments
    The economy of the United States continues to recover and stabilize after the financial crisis, attracting investors from around the world.The growth of the national currency power reflects the confidence that the country’s economy will develop at an accelerated pace..

  • 7June
    Types of inflation and their consequences for economy
    Almost everyone knows about the essence of the concept “inflation” and its impact on the state of economy. But in order to correctly evaluate the effect of this phenomenon, it is necessary to know about existing types of..

  • 20May
    What will happen if the Central Bank raises the discount rate?
    One of the measures of management of the Central Bank’s monetary policy is to reduce or to raise the discount rate. Why does the country’s main bank resort to the rate increase?..

  • 7Apr
    How to distinguish original perfume from counterfeit?
    Dear participants of DiSAI system and site visitors, by request of many participants we publish this article. Every woman wants to look nice and to feel great at the same time. For this purpose she must..

  • 15Mar
    The new economy: questions and answers
    Many economists consider the new economy not only with purely production views, but also as a new social pattern. This is a word combination that is popular among managers and politicians with..

  • 13Feb
    Economy is at the bottom: What does it mean? What are the consequences for the country and citizens?
    Not all modern citizens understand the frequent statements that economy has reached its bottom. In this regard, it is important to know what it means, when economy is at the bottom, what signs and consequences of this phenomenon exist..

  • 1Feb
    Electronic marketing helps companies to achieve success
    According to governmental statistics, in our country there is a great deal of active private companies. It is not a secret, that modern heads of small Russian enterprises are often concerned about increase of the current productivity..

  • 18Jan
    Security within the framework of electronic commerce
    Development of electronic commerce depends a lot on security standards that are used in order to increase the level of its reliability. Web-site owners often use special security protocols, which are focused on elimination of risks during conduct of network operations..

  • 09Jan
    The Russians will learn to drink from small containers in 2017
    In January 01, 2017 the law was enacted, which prohibits production of bier and bier beverages in plastic container with the volume of more than 1,5 L. State Duma adopted the..


  • 20Dec
    Russia reduces oil production
    Russian operators of oil market, acting under the agreements reached between OPEC members and independent producers, decided to reduce oil production. Joint actions of Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation and..

  • 8Dec
    Main economic indicators: what characterizes the economic situation?
    Understanding of the essence of main economic indicators allows to correctly evaluate the trustworthiness of lending institutions. In addition, it promotes the ability to properly store..

  • 17Nov
    What is the ratio of industry in Russia, USA and China?
    According to the data of different official international sources, industrial production in the entire world develops at a slow pace. Industry grows slower than customized services and other areas of modern world economy..

  • 9Oct
    Authorities try to reduce side effects from massive emission
    The question of additional emission for Russia ceased to be controversial since December 2015, when printing machine issued 1 trillion roubles. Vladimir Putin’s adviser Sergey Glasyev acted initially as a key supporter of such emission..

  • 14Sep
    Elaboration of effective business plan
    Elaboration of a good business plan is a fundamental step for achieving success in business ventures. Despite its importance, entrepreneurs, who own their own small business or plan to open it..

  • 25Aug
    The Russian economy in 2017: balancing on the edge of growth and fall
    From conditions today the Russian economy is in a difficult situation. The main reasons for this state of affairs are..

  • 10Aug
    Why doesn't the Bank of Russia lower key interest?
    The Bank of Russia has not changed its position on key interest in a long time and it is still 10.5%. This only confirms the fact that the Board of Directors of the Central Bank is continuing a moderate-hard line policy..

  • 20July
    The trade mark and its role in history
    In olden times it was called a seal, then the name trading stamp, and from the end of the 19th century the legal term 'trademark'. The words are different but the intention is the same, to serve as a distinguishing symbol for the item and its production..

  • 11July
    Survey of users of the DiSAI system within the framework of the Council of the President of the Russian Federation on Strategic Development and Priority Projects
    We would inform you that on 30 June 2016 by Order of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, a Council of the President of the Russian Federation on Strategic Development and Priority Projects (henceforth ‘the Council’) was set up..

  • 15June
    The European Central Bank: responsibilities, functions and influence
    One of the most important participants on the European financial market is the European Central Bank. Its work is extremely important not only in the financial sphere but also in international politics..

  • 19May
    Banking organisations are transforming themselves into IT companies
    Over past years the domestic banking sector has unexpectedly transformed into a critical area of the Russian economy. In 2015 alone the Central Bank issued 90 banking licences, finalising the banking crisis..

  • 22Apr
    Psychological ploys used by shops to get customers to make purchases
    This is a stressful time for the world economy, incomes are falling fast, and some are completely out of work. To make a profits trading networks need to use all their skills, all their talent and all their mastery to persuade us to hand our money over..

  • 4Mar
    How is Russia being prepared for a record emission: the background, the facts, the consequences
    The advice to the general public is to begin economising against the background of the crisis, said Sergei Shvetsov, Acting First Vice Chairperson of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation..

  • 15Feb
    Summer 2016 could be the beginning of the most difficult period in the Russian economy
    Analysis of key parameters of the Russian macroeconomy and examination of real prices on commodities gives a sufficiently accurate picture for the development of the national economy for approximately six months..

  • 8Feb
    Why is the ruble falling?
    The ruble falling is not an uncommon occurrence and there are several reasons for it. During the period of crisis the ruble is under strong pressure, which is the first reason for its decline. Indeed for the state to support the national currency billions of dollars need to be spent..

  • 11Jan
    The forecast for the development of the Russian economy in 2016
    Today several options for developing the Russian economy this year are under examination. The Government of the Russian Federation is counting on an optimistic option for development of the country's economy..


      • 15Dec
        Why is there a shortage of money in the current economy?
        Examination of the Russian economy reveals that there are two popular explanations. The first goes that there is a shortage of money in the domestic economy due to reforms being carried out..

      • 24Nov
        New trends in tax liabilities for multinational companies
        Multinational companies always carry out activity which comes under the jurisdiction of various countries. To avoid possible collisions between tax authorities countries conclude agreements which exclude dual taxation of a business. However..

      • 17Oct
        What is the meaning of the government's rejection of the anti-crisis plan for 2016?
        From 2016 instead of a government anti-crisis plan there will be a special fund in Russia whose resources can be used to support sectors in need. The annual budget of this fund is one fifteenth of that of the anti-crisis plan in 2015, there will be a..

      • 13Sep
        Russian non-energy exports: the main growth points
        New statistics show that Russia could offer other countries not only energy but also non-energy goods which are in short supply. For a long time it was believed that the only competitive resource from Russia was hydrocarbons and mineral but..

      • 9Aug
        Hybrid clouds: how to economise on information storage
        Cloud technologies have proliferated at an incredible rate, developing and improving. The main modern conception of the sector is hybrid information storage, which makes it possible for interested organisations to reduce expenditure..

      • 14July
        The Russian economy and Western sanctions
        Western sanctions have definitely struck almost all sectors of the Russian economy although there are some areas which have benefitted from import substitution, for example, cheese and leather production as well as steelmaking and..

      • 21June
        China, the USA and the Russian ruble
        There is a bubble growing on the Chinese stock market. This is clear as since May it has lost around 30% of its capitalisation and it is obvious that economic growth in the country has slowed dramatically. If there is a stock market crash this will have a strong negative..

      • 16May
        Will parity between the euro and the dollar be achieved in 2015?
        Intensive lowering of the exchange rate of the European currency relative to the American dollar at the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 could be to some extent be called a cave in. In Russia the devaluation of the ruble was on everyone's lips but..

      • 7Apr
        Investment in Crimea: a sustainable future
        A year of the Republic of Crimea as a subject of the Russian Federation has given Crimeans confidence and stability and the anchorage of a powerful state. Support at the Federal level, allocation of significant resources to developing the economy and..

      • 12Mar
        Price falls: good or bad
        Probably everyone is already used to the fact that today there is more bad news than good. All the forecasts and statistics are full of pessimism and negativity. Deflation, economic slump, poor revenue rates, these have become the real companions of our daily life..

      • 3Feb
        The 'tax manoeuvre': parameters and consequences
        The extension of the large scale reform of the Russian tax system begun in 2011 was the initiative of the Government on changing the current fiscal regime in the oil industry. These changes were expected to give extra stimulation to the oil drilling sector and..

      • 16Jan
        New incentives for entrepreneurs
        From 1 January new incentives for entrepreneurs will come into force: important amendments to tax rules were signed by the President on 29 December 2014. Newly registered individual entrepreneurs who choose the simplified or the patent system of..


    • 15Dec
      State Duma has confirmed the Government's large scale tax plans
      The State Duma has accepted a legislative proposal on large scale corrections to tax laws put forward by the Government. The new amendments will include a 'tax manoeuvre' in the oil and gas sector, raising excise duty on cigarettes, taxes on..

    • 20Nov
      Business in Europe and VAT: what do we need to know?
      Against a background of global instability inside the countries of the CIS more and more entrepreneurs are trying to move their business (at least partially) to the more cultured and calm Europe. Working under the 'roof' of the European Union gives entrepreneurs a feeling of..

    • 9Oct
      Results of the Sochi 2014 International Investment Forum
      Participants at the Forum included Chair of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitrii Medvedev, Deputy Chairpersons of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitrii Kozak, Olga Golodets, Arkadii Dvorkovich and Aleksandr Khloponin, and 13 Federal Ministers. There were 265 overseas participants from 47 countries. The largest delegations were from..

    • 18Sep
      Diversification as a way of speeding up the growth of developing markets
      Developing markets need a new stimulus for future growth and increase in production of consumer goods. However, the needs of developing markets are not met by the standard solutions used for speeding up developed markets..

    • 27Aug
      A little information about labels
      In the theory of trading there is the idea of a spontaneous purchase. It is not hard to guess that this means purchase of something which was not planned previous to walking into the shop. Statistics show that almost half..

    • 17July
      Sochi 2014 International Investment Forum
      For the attention of DiSAI users. The management of the system, jointly with the Ministry for the Economic Development of the Russian Federation, wish to invite you to take part in the Sochi 2014 International Investment Forum..

    • 2June
      Modernising DiSAI system servers
      For the attention of DiSAI users. We would inform you that during the night from 5 to 6 June 2014 all DiSAI programming will be transferred to new, much more powerful servers and therefore all international DiSAI system sites, including that..

    • 23May
      The Ministry for the Development of the Economy of the Russian Federation: a plan to save the economy
      The Ministry for the Development of the Economy has developed a new conception of socio-economic development of Russia. Within the Ministry it is considered that supporting the Russian economy is not possible without using budget resources..

    • 21May
      Additional requirements of management systems in food safety, PAS 220 and PAS 223
      PAS 220 and 223 are international standards that regulate management system requirements in food safety. FSSC 22000 is a progressive system of certification of food goods and going through the process is a kind of..

    • 20May
      Returning goods: what is included in those important 14 days
      Nowadays there are consumer rights protections, but it should be noted that sometimes they are not good. At the same time, if someone buys poor quality goods they can only bank on their own alertness and desire to get justice..

    • 2May
      On-line Advertising for B2B-sector
      One of the most efficient way of products and services promotion in B2B-sector is an on-line advertising. In wide and open spaces of global network there a lots of possibilities to organize cooperation between sellers and buyers quickly and..

    • 1May
      Why should it be DiSAI?
      DiSAI is a system of automatic identification of goods and services. It has been founded in 2007 by great piece of work of domestic developers. For the last two years system DiSAI out of Russian diversity system has become international. Huge number of firms and..

    • 9Apr
      Regarding competition
      Dear DiSAI system participants and partners. Recently, due to growing level and prestige of DiSAI system, as well as indexing of the System database by search systems and applications, number of comments, created by pseudo-competitors of the System, has increased in Internet..

    • 17Mar
      New functions of the personal office
      Dear DiSAI system members. Please be advised that we permanently improving the System and recently the following set of useful functions has been added into the personal office..

    • 14Feb
      Message from the Administration
      Dear participants of other systems and the potential participants of any of the systems, we kindly ask you carefully study the principles of barcoding, so as during the past 2 years there are so many occasions when deceived participants from other systems are turning to us to help in this situation, namely..

    • 12Feb
      Update of DiSAI System packages
      Dear participants of DiSAI System we inform you that the System has expanded the number of existing barcode packages obtained when joining. For more information, please, refer to accredited registrars of DiSAI System.

    • 3Feb
      Launch of DiSAI System updated site
      Dear partners and participants of DiSAI System, we are pleased to inform you about the update of the System’s site and complete restoration of all its functions operation.