Food tech of the future: companies that will feed us in the next 100 years

In 2006, the UN published a report which stated that the practice of breeding and eating animals makes the greenhouse effect grow. Silicon Valley leaders like Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt urge humanity to change its diet and seek alternative food and nutrition principles.

Now there are several brands that in the future will be able to provide consumers with substitutes for the regular products.

Which companies will be able to provide us with alternative power supplies in the future?

Impossible Foods
This brand replaces meat with protein. Katherine Martinko, author of articles on economy, tried a protein burger in a New York restaurant. It tastes like meat, but its cost is high. A regular protein burger will cost $13,95 — 923 rubles. Another disadvantage of this product is that it can only be purchased at certain establishments. So far Impossible products are not in the groceries of America.

Beyond Meat
According to Time magazine, protein sausages of this company have already become the breakthrough of 2018. They have less fat and no GMO, gluten and soy. 4 sausages will cost       or 596 rubles. They are already available in supermarkets in America or on Amazon. The brand is also famous for its burger cutlets, chicken stripes and beef goulash. Beyond Meat products are cooked with pea flour, yeast, coconut oil and juice. In 2018, the brand received 122 million dollars from investors and it is one of the most promising fast food companies of the future.

Memphis Meat
The idea of the project is the preparation of dishes from cells created in the laboratory. The idea of Dr. Uma Valeti and Nicolas Genovese will completely exclude products of animal origin from the human diet. MemphisMeats products will become available for purchase in 2021.

New Wave Foods
A newly created brand offering shrimp from artificially crafted protein. You can try them in 2 restaurants and 1 grocery in New York. The price of the product is not specified.

Just brand offers consumers a munga bean product similar to eggs, sorghum and oat chocolate, kosher mayonnaise and sugar. Very soon they plan to start production of vegetable meat. Even now, the Just product can be purchased in 25 supermarkets in America, although there is no public information about their cost.

Perfect Day The company is known for its dairy products from plant protein. They do not contain lactose and cholesterol. The startup company signed an agreement with the leading corporation for the production of food ADM, but the exact date of availability of Perfect Day products on the markets is still unknown.

Seed Pantry
The brand sells grow boxes - containers for growing plants. They are connected to power source, they have a nutrient environment. The cost of one object is 65 pounds — about 5496 rubles. The box allows you to grow greens without soil.

Another project that can solve the problem of hunger. Its developer, the Englishman Adam Dixon, offers commercial organizations a platform for growing plants without third party participation. It functions on the basis of the hydroponics technology.

Growing Underground
The founders of Growing Underground rented 2 underground bunkers and organized their platforms for growing plants underground in former bomb shelters. It is more environmentally friendly and economical production than terrestrial analogues. The startup products can be found on Ocado and Farmdrop, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic and Mark & Spencer. One pack of their salad costs 219 rubles.

Gotham Greens
Gotham Greens brand began to use the roofs of high-rise buildings for growing natural plants. They already have 4 production sites: 3 in New York and 1 in Chicago. Products of this company can be purchased in supermarkets, ordered in restaurants or in partner organizations.

Powder food and healthy snack

Ambronite produces economical, healthy and eco-friendly products. Powder consistency allows increasing the shelf life of the product and reduces the size of its packaging. 400 calories and more than 40 nutrients in one intake. The price of one package is 452 rubles.

The startup brand produces powder products that are able to replace regular food. They make their products from brown rice and pea protein, flax, and acids. 500 kilocalories and 37 grams of protein in one intake.

American company producing powders, cocktails, coffee drinks. They contain more than 30 ingredients. The products can fit every taste: mocha, cocoa, vanilla, strawberry. Products of this brand are cheaper than those of the competitors and receive the largest number of investments - 72.4 million dollars.

Eat Grub
The company produces bars and snacks from insects. Such products contain a lot of protein, amino acids, and vitamins, as the founders of the project claim. 3 products cost 593 rubles.

The purpose of the project is to change the culture of fluid consumption. Scientists suggest to buy it not in plastic containers, but in edible bubbles. The shell is created from algae and decomposes in 6 weeks. The product is not on sale yet, but it is already very much wanted.

People are increasingly mastering various technologies, and cooking is one of the areas to develop. What kind of food will be in the future? Perhaps the very principles of consumption will change? Who knows..