Automation of the DiSAI system with online cash desks and a catalogue of participants production

Dear participants of the DiSAI system, we are pleased to inform you that we have started process of creation of the service of automation of our barcode database with online cash desks of Alfa-Bank. And also signed a memorandum of cooperation and interactions in the field of automation with the organization of Telemarket, which, among other things, is engaged in programming services online cash Alfa-Bank.

After start of the created service in commercial operation, if you have an online cash desk from Alfa-Bank, you do not need to manually upload information about your products to this cashier, the cashier will download information about your products by the bar code that was received in the DiSAI system. You just need to either read the barcode scanner in the online cashier, or enter the numbers manually.

However, the products will be loaded by bar code to the online cashier only if the bar code meets 2 conditions:

  • 1
    The barcode must be accredited (paid by the participant).
  • 2
    The barcode must be loaded with information about the product on which it is used.

If the bar code is not accredited or the product is not attached to it, the information about this bar code will not be loaded, for obvious reasons.

In general, we would like to appeal to all participants of the DiSAI system with a request to upload detailed information about your products through the personal office of the participant, because it gives you additional benefits and opportunities. Namely, if you have made detailed information about your products in your personal office:

  • 1
    Information about your products is included in the product catalog of the DiSAI system participants.
  • 2
    Information about your products can be automatically read by the online cash desks via barcode (see information above).
  • 3
    Information about your products will be available in all search engines and most mobile applications.
  • 4
    Your potential buyers and wholesalers will be able to find your products and order a batch of a certain product from you.
  • 5
    Your products are promoted on the Internet and at any time it will be interested in any trading network or sales agent.
  • 6
    Trade networks, with which the DiSAI system will be automated, will be able to automatically collect information about your products from the database of the DiSAI system by bar codes.
  • 7
    In general, it is no longer serious if product information on the barcode can not be found on the Internet, it at least adds prestige to Your product and Your organization.

If you just purchased barcodes in the DiSAI system, but did not upload product information to them, then you lose the features described above. And we remind you that to upload product information to barcodes through a personal office, each member of the DiSAI system can independently and completely free of charge.

Here is an example of only a small part of the messages that came in January 2019 to the participants of the DiSAI system in personal offices due to the fact that they had filled out information about the products and the data of potential buyers were able to find them in the product catalog of the participants of the DiSAI system, либо через поисковые системы, либо через мобильные приложения:

  •     «Would like to purchase your product in bulk».
  •     «Good day, would like wholesale supply of your delicious cancers. Please contact me at Viber or telegram at…»
  •     «Good day, you are concerned about the individual entrepreneur, I would like to cooperate with you, please can send a price for the city of Moscow, tell us about your delivery methods and whether it is possible to discount with enthusiasm volume, thank you.»
  •     «Good day! I am the editor of the program "Natural selection"on TVC. We check the products for quality. I invite you to participate in the shooting of our program, where one of the candidates for the test will be the juice of your production - Ambrosia Sweet grape. It is important for us that manufacturers or company representatives are present in the Studio and take an active part...»
  •     «Good evening I request a price with your products for possible cooperation in the future, thank you»
  •     «Good afternoon. Please contact me. Interested in ordering your products mix dried fruit in a сup»
  •     «Hello! Can I have your price list?»
  •     «Hello! Could you please send me the price list for the cigarettes? You put cigarettes in the Lugansk region?»
  •     «Good day. I need your contacts . We have a shop and we would like to conclude a direct contract with you. Thank you in advance.»
  •     «Good day! It would be desirable to learn the packing cost, minimum lot and if it is possible the picture of package. Thanks»

As you can see the posts are quite interesting with the potential of wholesale supplies.

Also to our e-mail often write sales agents-buyers of serial deliveries of large quantities of certain products and we inform these sales agents contacts of those participants of the DiSAI system who have this product, but if you do not fill in the information about the products, then you lose this potential.

And once again we remind DiSAI – it is not just a bar coding system, it is, in potential, a virtual center of international trade.