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  • 05Feb
    Automation of the DiSAI system with online cash desks and a catalogue of participants production
    Dear participants of the DiSAI system, we are pleased to inform you that we have started process of creation of the service of automation of our barcode database with online cash desks of Alfa-Bank. And also signed a memorandum of cooperation and interactions in the field of automation with the organization of Telemarket..

  • 28Jan
    Marking of expiration dates of product in EAN-13+5 barcode symbolics
    Dear participants of DiSAI system. We would like to inform you that some retailers are implementing the project for encoding of the product expiration dates in the EAN-13 bar code by adding an additional 5-digit code, in which will be coded the expiration date of this product..


  • 21Dec
    Introduction of mandatory labeling of goods in Russia in 2019
    Currently, the mandatory labeling system covers a limited number of products. It is mandatory for medicines, alcohol and fur coats. This year, the list of goods subject to mandatory labeling will be expanded. What products are planned to be labeled..

  • 11Nov
    Food tech of the future: companies that will feed us in the next 100 years
    In 2006, the UN published a report which stated that the practice of breeding and eating animals makes the greenhouse effect grow. Silicon Valley leaders like Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt urge humanity to..

  • 8Oct
    GMO-like products
    From healthy gluten-free bread to healthy oils - a new wave of healthy food is on the way. Is it a trick? When you chew fries in the restaurant, stop for a moment and..

  • 15Sep
    Labeling and other important aspects of proper food selection
    How does natural cheese really differ from cheese product or milk-containing product? How do synthetic milk fat substitutes and substitutes for other natural animal fats affect our health..

  • 21Aug
    What products are often forged?
    The world is full of fakes. Famous brands are often undercover for goods of low quality. In the pursuit of profit, unscrupulous manufacturers are ready to do anything. The most amazing thing is that in China, for example, they even manage to forge..

  • 14July
    The concept of product separation according to the Ministry of Health
    The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation proposes to start sorting the range of products into healthy and unhealthy products. Experts of the Ministry made a proposal to apply different labeling on products. The letter of the deputy head of the Ministry of Health explains that the proposal to create a system of..

  • 9June
    What should one pay attention to when reading the contents of the products?
    Choose your foodstuffs very carefully. Unfortunately, unscrupulous manufacturers do not indicate all the ingredients in the composition and especially do not provide detailed ratio breakdown. What do we pay attention to when reading the content of the product..

  • 11May
    Poor Russians will be provided with Ration Cards
    For the first time, the issue of providing Russians who have disastrously low incomes with cards was put in the agenda in 2015. The officials adopted that idea, but experts criticized it..

  • 19Apr
    Long-Term Macro-Economics
    Macroeconomic research defines both short-term and long-term activities. Long-term macroeconomics considers aggregate demand and supply for types of the economic activity. These items may include production, consumer demand, employment and inflation..

  • 6Apr
    What does the floating exchange rate mean?
    Understanding the economic processes in the country requires the orientation of modern citizens in the course of exchange rates and the dynamics of this mechanism. One of the modern realities that affect the society’s well-being is the floating exchange rate..

  • 12Mar
    Clustering is the Area of the Economic Development in the Regions of Russia
    Under the terms and conditions of market relations, most entrepreneurs are exposed to the risk of bankruptcy, even provided that their type of activities is unique and one-of-a-kind. There may be several reasons for this, but almost all of them concern the lack of funds for functioning, as a result of low liquidity, profitability of production..

  • 9Feb
    What will happen to US Dollars in 2018?
    Currency fluctuations pay the attention of not only financiers and traders, but also ordinary citizens. Why is the cost of oil growing? What will happen to the dollar after the presidential election? What can we expect from the ruble?..

  • 15Jan
    Monetary and Fiscal Opportunity of Blockchain Technology
    Blockchain is one of the breakthrough technological breakthroughs of the past two decades. Structurally, Blockchain is a network that creates timestamps in transactions by hashing (due to the unavoidable labeling mechanism) them into the current sequence of groups or transaction blocks, each of which contains new information plus a hash of the previous block..

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