Replacement of registrar

Dear participant of any of the automatic identification Systems, please ask yourself the questions listed below and if at least one of them you respond positively, then the optimal solution for you is to replace the registrar.

  • You ordered barcodes in any organization and unable to check them for legality?
  • No one site or computer-aided retrieval System could find your barcodes?
  • Every year you are charged for service "maintain the relevance of the database..." or for its modification?
  • Barcodes are developed for you longer than one hour?
  • You are charged for the formation of graphic image of the bar lines (master movie) of the barcode?

Procedure of the registrar replacement is very simple; it's practically the same thing as to change the telephone operator preserving the number, or to change a stockbroker with preservation of the acquired shares. All registrars are independent legal entities with their established tariff plans and internal financial policies. If you are not satisfied with your current registrar, you have full right to change it to a more suitable for you, according to various criteria, with issued barcodes will remain with you.

In order to change the registrar, please contact any of the officially accredited registrars of DiSAI System.