Why should it be DiSAI?

DiSAI is a system of automatic identification of goods and services. It has been founded in 2007 by great piece of work of domestic developers. For the last two years system DiSAI out of Russian diversity system has become international. Huge number of firms and entrepreneurs both in Russia as well as in other countries have used it: France, Germany, USA, Spain and UAE.

Daily, around 30 natural and juridical persons sign up for it, and this figure is constantly growing.

Automation technology applied by DiSAI includes application of EAN-13 and ITF-14 type linear bar codes. As a rule, such bar codes are used for mass-consumption products coding.

  •     Barcode is an essential foundation for modern trade performance. Every second millions of scanners read out and detect products bar codes. Recording and control of goods movement is impossible without this system.

What is the key difference of DiSAI from other systems?

  • • Basic difference of DiSAI is a high-power automation. Tasks that usually require several days for completion, DiSAI can sort out in half an hour.
  • The DiSAI System is completely «open»: returned bar codes and products locked to them are accessible for search systems.
  • Opportunity to use B2B services between the system participants.
  • Using DiSAI system you can contact goods manufacturers and appraise their goods following five-grade scale.

What other advantages registration in DiSAI system can give you?

  • One of the lowest prices for bar coding services in Russia.
  • Several package options: standard package (100 codes), extended package (500 codes), maximum package (unlimited number of codes).
  • Easy registrar switch with no bar codes switch. Statistically, about 30% of clients switch over to us from other registrars.
  • When connecting to the system, you instantly receive a bar code, certificate and other documents required for work. You don`t have to wait! Get connected and start working right now!
  • Except for the main service package you get free advertising campaign, possibility to communicate with other trade networks through providers, system participant`s certificate, your products data rating, both in the Russian Federation as well as in foreign countries.
  • Personal virtual office, which helps to obtain any information on-line, as well as to read reviews and references of consumers of your products offering an opportunity to collect valuable data for marketing research.
  • All clients may use of our 24-hour Customer Support services. We will be glad to answer all your questions and provide advice on any challenging situation.

What kind of guarantees we are providing?

  • Our bar codes are absolutely legitimate. You can become aware of a bar code owner any time on site. Search is carried out through all existing databases in Russia as well as abroad.
  • We provide 100% guarantee, that any type of scanners can read out our bar codes.
  • We don`t charge you for related services like graph design of a bar code or data base modification. We are 100% clear and open to our clients, you always know what exactly you are paying for.

DiSAI system opens new opportunities for business:

  • • We can arrange meetings with foreign delegations, which are looking for new partners in Russia. We are pleased to invite the participants of our system to attend. In other words, apart from the main activity, we offer new business opportunities for you. We help you to find business partners.
  • • All participants of DiSAI system cooperate with each other. Joining us, you enter into the fold and get a possibility to adopt new experience and to share yours. It is more than just a convenience but a new level of business making and maintaining your goods and services at the current state. Your consumers will appreciate it no doubt.

How to become a participant of the DiSAI System?

To register in DiSAI system, it is necessary to fill in an application form and send it to and the System will select an appropriate registrar to process the mail and call you to clarify further steps.