Countries and barcode prefixes

Within the DiSAI system domestic barcode classifications and international barcode classifications are differentiated in such a way that each country could have either domestic barcode prefixes or international barcode prefixes. This is entirely related to the possibilities of barcode classification and diversification of distribution of goods from a given country, either restricted to that within its borders (domestic classification) or within its borders and beyond them (international classification).

For example, for the Russian Federation there are international barcode prefixes in the range 460-469, domestic barcode prefixes in the range 793-799 where barcodes with prefixes 793-799 are intended exclusively for sales of goods within the Russian Federation, and barcodes with prefixes 460-469 are international and intended for sales of good both within the country and beyonds its borders.

As a rule, a country's domestic barcode prefixes use those figures which are not used in international prefixes.

The table below shows the conformity of barcode prefixes with their classification and within the framework of the country they are assigned to

Prefix DiSAI country, ranging in brackets
000-139 DiSAI USA (international)
140-199 DiSAI USA (domestic)
300-379 DiSAI France (international)
380 DiSAI Bulgaria (international)
381 DiSAI Bulgaria (domestic)
383 DiSAI Slovenia (international)
384 DiSAI Slovenia (domestic)
385 DiSAI Croatia (international)
386 DiSAI Croatia (domestic)
387 DiSAI Bosnia-Herzegovina (international)
388 DiSAI Bosnia-Herzegovina (domestic)
400-440 DiSAI Germany (international)
441-449 DiSAI Germany (domestic)
450-459 DiSAI Japan (international)
460-469 DiSAI Russia (international)
470 DiSAI Kyrgyzstan (international)
471 DiSAI Taiwan (international)
472 DiSAI Kyrgyzstan (domestic)
473 DiSAI Taiwan (domestic)
474 DiSAI Estonia (international)
475 DiSAI Latvia (international)
476 DiSAI Azerbaijan (international)
477 DiSAI Lithuania (international)
478 DiSAI Uzbekistan (international)
479 DiSAI Sri Lanka (international)
480 DiSAI Philippines (international)
481 DiSAI Belarus (international)
482 DiSAI Ukraine (international)
483 DiSAI Ukraine (domestic)
484 DiSAI Moldova (international)
485 DiSAI Armenia (international)
486 DiSAI Georgia (international)
487 DiSAI Kazakhstan (international)
488 DiSAI Kazakhstan (domestic)
489 DiSAI Hong Kong (international)
490-499 DiSAI Japan (international)
500-509 DiSAI Great Britain (international)
510-519 DiSAI Great Britain (domestic)
520 DiSAI Greece (international)
521 DiSAI Greece (domestic)
528 DiSAI Lebanon (international)
529 DiSAI Cyprus (international)
530 DiSAI Albania (international)
531 DiSAI Macedonia (international)
531 DiSAI Macedonia (domestic)
535 DiSAI Malta (international)
536 DiSAI Malta (domestic)
539 DiSAI Ireland (international)
540-549 DiSAI Belgium, Luxembourg (international)
550-559 DiSAI Belgium, Luxembourg (domestic)
560 DiSAI Portugal (international)
561 DiSAI Portugal (domestic)
569 DiSAI Iceland (international)
570-579 DiSAI Denmark (international)
580-589 DiSAI Denmark (domestic)
590 DiSAI Poland (international)
591 DiSAI Poland (domestic)
594 DiSAI Romania (international)
595 DiSAI Romania (domestic)
599 DiSAI Hungary (international)
600-601 DiSAI South Africa (international)
602 DiSAI South Africa (domestic)
603 DiSAI Ghana (international)
604 DiSAI Ghana (domestic)
608 DiSAI Bahrain (international)
609 DiSAI Mauritius (international)
610 DiSAI Mauritius (domestic)
611 DiSAI Morocco (international)
612 DiSAI Morocco (domestic)
613 DiSAI Algiers (international)
614 DiSAI Algiers (domestic)
616 DiSAI Kenya (international)
617 DiSAI Kenya (domestic)
618 DiSAI Ivory Coast (international)
619 DiSAI Tunis (international)
620 DiSAI Tunis (domestic)
621 DiSAI Syria (international)
622 DiSAI Egypt (international)
623 DiSAI Egypt (domestic)
624 DiSAI Libya (international)
625 DiSAI Jordan (international)
626 DiSAI Iran (international)
627 DiSAI Kuwait (international)
628 DiSAI Saudi Arabia (international)
629 DiSAI UAE (international)
630 DiSAI UAE (domestic)
631 DiSAI Abkhazia (international)
632 DiSAI Abkhazia (domestic)
633 DiSAI South Ossetia (international)
634 DiSAI South Ossetia (domestic)
640-649 DiSAI Finland (international)
650-659 DiSAI Finland (domestic)
690-699 DiSAI China (international)
680-689 DiSAI China (domestic)
700-709 DiSAI Norway (international)
710-719 DiSAI Norway (domestic)
729 DiSAI Israel (international)
730-739 DiSAI Sweden (international)
740 DiSAI Guatemala (international)
741 DiSAI El Salvador (international)
742 DiSAI Honduras (international)
743 DiSAI Nicaragua (international)
744 DiSAI Costa Rica (international)
745 DiSAI Panama (international)
746 DiSAI Dominican Republic (international)
747 DiSAI Dominican Republic (domestic)
750 DiSAI Mexico (international)
751 DiSAI Mexico (domestic)
754-755 DiSAI Canada (international)
756-757 DiSAI Canada (domestic)
759 DiSAI Venezuela (international)
760-769 DiSAI Switzerland (international)
770 DiSAI Colombia (international)
771 DiSAI Colombia (domestic)
773 DiSAI Uruguay (international)
774 DiSAI Uruguay (domestic)
775 DiSAI Peru (international)
776 DiSAI Peru (domestic)
777 DiSAI Bolivia (international)
778 DiSAI Bolivia (domestic)
779 DiSAI Argentina (international)
780 DiSAI Chile (international)
781 DiSAI Chile (domestic)
784 DiSAI Paraguay (international)
785 DiSAI Paraguay (domestic)
786 DiSAI Ecuador (international)
787 DiSAI Ecuador (domestic)
789-790 DiSAI Brazil (international)
791-792 DiSAI Brazil (domestic)
793-799 DiSAI Russia (domestic)
800-839 DiSAI Italy (international)
840-849 DiSAI Spain (international)
850 DiSAI Cuba (international)
851 DiSAI Cuba (domestic)
858 DiSAI Slovakia (international)
859 DiSAI Czech Republic (international)
860 DiSAI Serbia and Montenegro (international)
861 DiSAI Serbia and Montenegro (domestic)
865 DiSAI Mongolia (international)
866 DiSAI Mongolia (domestic)
867 DiSAI North Korea (international)
868 DiSAI North Korea (domestic)
869 DiSAI Turkey (international)
870-879 DiSAI Netherlands (international)
880 DiSAI South Korea (international)
881 DiSAI South Korea (domestic)
884 DiSAI Cambodia (international)
885 DiSAI Thailand (international)
886 DiSAI Thailand (domestic)
888 DiSAI Singapore (international)
889 DiSAI Singapore (domestic)
890 DiSAI India (international)
891 DiSAI India (domestic)
893 DiSAI Vietnam (international)
894 DiSAI Vietnam (domestic)
899 DiSAI Indonesia (international)
900-919 DiSAI Austria (international)
920-929 DiSAI Austria (domestic)
930-939 DiSAI Australia (international)
940-949 DiSAI New Zealand (international)
950-954 DiSAI New Zealand (domestic)
955 DiSAI Malaysia (international)
956 DiSAI Malaysia (domestic)
958 DiSAI Macau (international)
959 DiSAI Macau (domestic)