Message from the Administration

Dear participants of other systems and the potential participants of any of the systems, we kindly ask you carefully study the principles of barcoding, so as during the past 2 years there are so many occasions when deceived participants from other systems are turning to us to help in this situation, namely:

The most frequent recourses are related to the fact that participant buying barcodes in any organization has no possibility to check them in any way and make sure whether they belong to him? In this case the participant all in all can get a response from the organization issuing the barcodes that those codes are registered in your name and in addition receive scan of any pseudo certificate on assignment of barcode at the best. In this situation the participant does not immune to the fact that the issued barcodes are already used in any trade network, or had been previously used.

The participants also often pose a question that the received barcodes are not accepted in trading networks, so as someone already uses them, in other words barcodes received by participant was not unique, but duplicates only; the consequences of such situation can be very different, it all depends on which one of the participants holds legal barcodes in this situation.

Another kind of problems is related to the fact that some organizations assign only digital designations of the barcodes and do not form master movies of barcodes themselves, calling it an additional service and demand money for them. Having digital designations of the barcodes you may well independently and free of charge form the bar lines (master movies); there are a lot of freeware programs, as well software of the printing offices enables to form the master movies having digital designations of the barcodes themselves only.

Please note 5 simple ways to understand whether it is necessary to order barcodes to the organization, or it is still deception:

  • 1
    If any organization offers free of charge, at no cost to develop, assign or register barcodes in any system or even outside of the existing systems, you must aware that free of charge done job for you either fiction or you will pay triple price for it in the future. Do not be fooled and carefully read the contract.
  • 2
    You have to receive a sensible agreement, which are extremely clear itemized responsibilities of each party of the contract. If you do not sign a contract, you must aware, that today barcodes can be registered on you name, but tomorrow they will be accounted on the next customer. The paragraph of the Contract with obligations of the Contractor must provide for two important wordings or their readings: " Layout of the barcodes must be developed under the standard EAN-13 in accordance with the line of goods of the Customer pursuant to received applications for the development of barcodes" and "Provide gratuitous advice on development and implementation of barcoding technology for the entire term of the Contract. » If such wordings or readings are not available, it is worth considering.
  • 3
    They have to send you a scanned image of evidence, which you will receive after payment and which clearly spell out that your organization on a specific date assigned to a specific range of barcodes and set the validity of this certificate, because even if the barcodes are assigned to the entire term of your organization, the certificate is a document that cannot be of unlimited duration; besides you can also extend the purchased range, thus will expand the delegated authority of the certificate and then you will be issued a new certificate.
    ATTENTION: the certificate must necessarily include your Personal tax number, BIN (Primary State Registration Number) and the name of your organization or name of the individual entrepreneur.
  • 4
    You have to demand delivery of the digital designations of the barcodes before settlement, so they can be checked through the relevant Internet sites to ascertain whether this was not a barcode already bought by someone else and then your product will not be accepted by trade networks; it is good if you have not yet printed barcodes and the maximum losses would be money you have paid for their assignment. There were cases when the number of copies equal to 100 000 have been printed and deposited on the packing of goods, and then all those pseudo unique barcodes were sealed up with new legal barcodes.
  • 5
    When you are invoiced by an organization or association for "services of assignment of barcodes / selection of the range in the system" and so on (there are many versions of the name of this service) please specify the ultimate beneficiary.

We hope that this information will help you.

Sincerely yours, Administration of DiSAI System.