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standard barcodes for any kinds of goods and services

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  • Replacementof registrar

    You ordered barcodes in any organization and unable to check them for legality? No one computer-aided retrieval System could find your barcodes? Every year you are charged for so called service "maintain the relevance of the database..."? The optimal solution for you is to replace the registrar!

  • Lowest pricesin Russia

    Already 9th year as we keep the position for the lowest prices in Russia for services of barcoding, in doing so we only improve their quality, while steady growth of participants in the DiSAI System bears witness to this; about a third of the participants transferred from other systems and Associations.

  • Checkingof the barcode

    The Diversificated System of Automatic Identification site provides a unique opportunity to check the barcode for legality and learn the right holder of the barcode, while the search is carried out for all registered databases of international and Russian format.

    check the barcode
  • The participantsgrowth

    We have gained the trust of the enormous number of organizations and individual entrepreneurs in the Russian Federation, which have become regular participants of the System. The influx of foreign participants to DiSAI System also grows abundantly during the last year.



DiSAI System is a diversificated automatic identification system, it was developed and implemented by Association of Automatic Identification and Standardization DiSAI.

The overriding objective of DiSAI System is to diversify goods and services of the Russian producers and distributors on the territory of the Russian Federation and worldwide.

There is Russian domestic format of the unique identification numbers issued by DiSAI System used for diversification of its products and services in the Russian Federation, alongside with the Russian international format for diversification of Russian goods and services in other countries. The Russian internal format differs from the Russian international one by the prefix assigned identification numbers, 793-799 for the Russian domestic format and 460-469 for the Russian international one, respectively.

Currently, the participants of the system are not only DiSAI System are not only individual entrepreneurs and organizations residents of the Russian Federation. Residents of other countries actively register in the System, which contributes to opening of DiSAI System representations outside the Russian Federation. First DiSAI System representations will be organized in the following countries: Spain, France, Germany, the UAE, and the USA.

Becoming the participant of DiSAI System you receive:

  1. Effective B2B-cooperation at the international and interregional level with representatives of business community.
  2. The allocated range of unique identification numbers of the EAN-13 standard with the certificate protected by holography.
  3. Ranging of information on your production both in Russia, and in other countries of the world.
  4. Possibility of electronic data exchange with distribution networks through EDI providers.
  5. Individual Certificate of the participant of DiSAI System.
  6. Advertizing IT campaign of your production and services.
  7. Access to the personal office of the participant.
  8. Round-the-clock consultation and technical support.

DiSAI - isn't a simple system of automatic identification - it is the powerful business instrument of interaction of a growing demand of consumers with qualitative proposals of the producers, promoting development of the innovative foreign trade relations, what characterizes DiSAI as a virtual world trade center.


News & events

  • Automation of the DiSAI system with online cash desks and a catalogue of participants productionDear participants of the DiSAI system, we are pleased to inform you that we have started process of creation of the service of automation of our barcode database with online cash desks of Alfa-Bank. And also signed a memorandum of cooperation and interactions in the field of automation with the organization of Telemarket..
    05 February 2019
  • Marking of expiration dates of product in EAN-13+5 barcode symbolicsDear participants of DiSAI system. We would like to inform you that some retailers are implementing the project for encoding of the product expiration dates in the EAN-13 bar code by adding an additional 5-digit code, in which will be coded the expiration date of this product..
    28 January 2019
  • Introduction of mandatory labeling of goods in Russia in 2019Currently, the mandatory labeling system covers a limited number of products. It is mandatory for medicines, alcohol and fur coats. This year, the list of goods subject to mandatory labeling will be expanded. What products are planned to be labeled..
    21 December 2018
  • Food tech of the future: companies that will feed us in the next 100 yearsIn 2006, the UN published a report which stated that the practice of breeding and eating animals makes the greenhouse effect grow. Silicon Valley leaders like Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt urge humanity to..
    11 November 2018
  • GMO-like productsFrom healthy gluten-free bread to healthy oils - a new wave of healthy food is on the way. Is it a trick? When you chew fries in the restaurant, stop for a moment and..
    8 October 2018
  • Labeling and other important aspects of proper food selectionHow does natural cheese really differ from cheese product or milk-containing product? How do synthetic milk fat substitutes and substitutes for other natural animal fats affect our health..
    15 September 2018
  • What products are often forged?The world is full of fakes. Famous brands are often undercover for goods of low quality. In the pursuit of profit, unscrupulous manufacturers are ready to do anything. The most amazing thing is that in China, for example, they even manage to forge..
    21 August 2018
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Accreditation applications

Sherstyannikov Aleksey Yurievich, IE, Russia, Nyandoma

Nersesyants Mikhail Borisovich, IE, Russia, Petrozavodsk

Lechenko Evgeniy Gennadievich, IE, Russia, Petropavlovsk–Kamchatsky

WOW FOOD, Russia, Timashevsk

Sunmy, South Korea, Ulsan

AGROFIRMA KITS, LLC, Russia, Achikulak

Potrebitelskiy kooperativ po razvitiyu ekonomicheskikh i sotsialnykh programm dlya payschikov Nizhnekamsky, Russia, Nizhnekamsk

ATOM, LLC, Russia, St. Petersburg

Fedorovich Iliya Igorevich, IE, Russia, Novorossiysk

FINVESTAS, LLC, Russia, Kursk

Golden Nut, LLC, Russia, St. Petersburg

Aleks-2, LLC, Russia, Kaltay

Nadyrova Guzel Rashidovna, IE, Russia, Kazan

SANTAKOM, LLC, Russia, Novosibirsk

PTR, LLC, Russia, Moscow

Mir Chistoty, LLC, Russia, Chaykovsky

Mistral, LLC, Russia, St. Petersburg

Kontakt, LLC, Russia, Smolensk

Skorykh Sergey Anatolievich, IE, Russia, Kislovodsk

Ilmenit+, LLC, Russia, Miass

New DiSAI participants

Novokreschenova Olga Valerievna, IE, Russia, Gatchina

Kuche, LLC, Russia, St. Petersburg

Bezzakonova Oksana Aleksandrovna, IE, Russia, Donskoe

Novina Agro, LLC, Russia, Omsk

Profy-Trading, LLC, Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek

Dzhavadyan Khachatur Germanovich, IE, Russia, Krasnodar

CRAZY NUTS, LLC, Russia, Moscow


AMBRA, LLC, Russia, Cheboksary

Orlov Eduard Vladimirovich, IE, Russia, Nikolskoe

Aryzhakov Vladislav Valerievich, IE, Russia, Krasnoyarsk

Akimov Sergey Ivanovich, IE, Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod

ALEKSTORG-NCH, LLC, Russia, Naberezhnye Chelny

Stal, LLC, Russia, Voronezh

Grimalyuk Lyudmila Fedorovna, IE, Russia, Krasnoyarsk

PINE LINE, LLC, Russia, Khabarovsk

Dolmatov Sergey Vasilievich, IE, Russia, Kazinka

Beautix, LLC, Russia, Moscow

ONTO, LLC, Russia, Moscow

KFKh Gaydarov Magomedrasul Sirazhutdinovich Dary Babayurta, Russia, Babayurt

Consumers feedback

Sugar paste depilation "DYON sugaring professional soft

Was pleasantly surprised not paste melts in his hands, holding structure, clients are satisfied.

10 January 2016

Burek with meat

Delicious Serbian Burek with meat.

18 November 2016


It's not creatine. Dissolves in water immediately. Bought this particular producer on two cans of 300 grams. Zero effect. After creatine other supplier effect is seen after a couple of months. And creatine should not dissolve in water.

13 June 2018