of EAN-13 and ITF-14

standard barcodes for any kinds of goods and services

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from other registrars

to DiSAI System with preserving barcodes

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and interregional B2B

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  • Replacementof registrar

    You ordered barcodes in any organization and unable to check them for legality? No one computer-aided retrieval System could find your barcodes? Every year you are charged for so called service "maintain the relevance of the database..."? The optimal solution for you is to replace the registrar!

  • Lowest pricesin Russia

    Already 9th year as we keep the position for the lowest prices in Russia for services of barcoding, in doing so we only improve their quality, while steady growth of participants in the DiSAI System bears witness to this; about a third of the participants transferred from other systems and Associations.

  • Checking ofof the barcode

    The DiSAI System site provides a unique opportunity to check the barcode for legality and learn the right holder of the barcode, while the search is carried out for all registered databases of international and Russian format.

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  • The participantsgrowth

    We have gained the trust of the order of 60 000 organizations and individual entrepreneurs in the Russian Federation, which have become regular participants of the System. The influx of foreign participants to DiSAI System also grows abundantly during the last year.



DiSAI System is a diversificated automatic identification system, it was developed and implemented by Association of Automatic Identification and Standardization DiSAI.

The overriding objective of DiSAI System is to diversify goods and services of the Russian producers and distributors on the territory of the Russian Federation and worldwide.

There is Russian domestic format of the unique identification numbers issued by DiSAI System used for diversification of its products and services in the Russian Federation, alongside with the Russian international format for diversification of Russian goods and services in other countries. The Russian internal format differs from the Russian international one by the prefix assigned identification numbers, 793-799 for the Russian domestic format and 460-469 for the Russian international one, respectively.

Currently, the participants of the system are not only DiSAI System are not only individual entrepreneurs and organizations residents of the Russian Federation. Residents of other countries actively register in the System, which contributes to opening of DiSAI System representations outside the Russian Federation. First DiSAI System representations will be organized in the following countries: Spain, France, Germany, the UAE, and the USA.


News & events

  • Message from the AdministrationDear participants of other systems and the potential participants of any of the systems, we kindly ask you carefully study the principles of barcoding, so as during the past 2 years there are so many occasions when deceived participants from other systems are turning to us to help in this situation, namely..
    14, February 2014.
  • Update of DiSAI System packagesDear participants of DiSAI System we inform you that the System has expanded the number of existing barcode packages obtained when joining. For more information, please, refer to accredited registrars of DiSAI System.
    12, February 2014.
  • Launch of DiSAI System updated siteDear partners and participants of DiSAI System, we are pleased to inform you about the update of the System’s site and complete restoration of all its functions operation.
    3, February 2014.
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Accreditation applications

Closed Joint Stock Company «BaltAvtoPoisk», Russia, St. Petersburg

Bolotninskaya gofrotara, CJSC, Russia, Bolotnoe

Rudneva Tatiana Aleksandrovna, IE, Russia, Chelyabinsk

Shermetova Roza Khalmirzovna, IE, Russia, Bolshaya Oka

StavStal, LLC, Russia, Nevinnomyssk

LLC “Eighty-Eight”, Russia, Moscow

Severomorskie vesti Newspaper editorial office, Russia, Severomorsk

Gorshkov Aleksey Vladimirovich, IE, Russia, Zarechny

FKU IK-1 UFSIN Rossii po Stavropolskomu krayu, Russia, Kochubeevskoe

Gasparyan A. G., IE, Russia, Simferopol

Vtim-Invest, LLC, Russia, Karmaskaly

Kofe Kartel, LLC, Russia, Pushkin

Indilotier, Russia, Voronezh

Congratulations to the accredited participants

Staraya Melnitsa, LLC, Russia, St. Petersburg

Chikashev Sergey Aleksandrovich, IE, Russia, Eysk

Baykalskiy Snek, LLC, Russia, Irkutsk

POLYUS, LLC, Russia, Kazan

ARARAT, LLC, Russia, Krasnodar

Khallach Sergey Igorevich, IE, Russia, Stavropol

Arkhangelskie vareniya, LLC, Russia, Arkhangelskoe

Mikkon, LLC, Russia, Konoplino

VEGGIT LLC, Russia, Moscow

Ignatiev Yuriy Ivanovich, IE, Russia, Voznesenskoe

Kim Andrey Alekseevich, IE, Russia, Novomoskovsk

SBKHIM, LLC, Russia, Dzerzhinsk

Movchan Klara Makhmudovna, IE, Russia, Ukhta

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